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Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc.
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Welcome to Aisen Chiryo Doin, Inc. Our name Aisen Chiryo Doin means a place where shiatsu is practiced. We are a clinic that specializes in traditional shiatsu therapy. Our significantly qualified, licensed therapists have successfully helped close to 30,000 clients in the past 40 years.

The art of Shiatsu is a highly effective treatment that helps people’s own natural innate healing abilities. “Shiatsu” means “shi” finger and “atsu” pressure in the language of Japan, the origin country of shiatsu. Traditionally, shiatsu is administered with thumb pressure, palm pressure may also be utilized.

Shiatsu has been administered to successfully treat, stress, backaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, whiplash and insomnia. It is also a wonderful monthly routine to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by relaxing the system, releasing stress and alleviating anxiety.

The Better Business Bureau continuously gives Aisen Chiryo Doin, Inc. an A+ rating. We’ve also received a “Best of Hawaii” award.  

Aisen Shiatsu School

Sensei Indei established a school where you can learn the practices of Shiatsu Therapy. Learn how to help alleviate stress and pain.
The class is structured in a very hands-on approach where students are encouraged to practice on others and learn through physically applying lessons during class. We are taking an ancient Eastern therapy that uses the body’s own healing properties to correct the stress of everyday living.

Yearly an elective cadaver study class is taught at the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine. This course offers a hands-on dissection of the body.  

The  Kuakini Health System welcomes our students as well as our licensed therapists to volunteer their services.
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