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Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc.
(Shiatsu Therapy)

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Welcome to Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc., a clinic that specializes in shiatsu therapy. Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc. has been in business for 39 years and has helped over 29,000 clients. Stress, insomnia, backache, neck ache, shoulder pain and many other ailments have been treated by our highly qualified licensed therapists with 5-40 years of experience.
“Shiatsu” means “finger pressure” in Japanese. We use a variety of finger and palm pressure techniques to give you a
quality massage. The art of Shiatsu is an effective treatment that helps people relax, release stress, and alleviate anxiety.

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and received a “Best of Hawaii” award. Our training, experience and confidence enable us to provide the excellent service and relief you deserve.
Sensei Fumihiko Indei getting international relations award for Japan & Hawaii
Toyoei Shigeeda the Consul General of Japan presented the award for International Relations Between Japan and Hawaii to Sensei Indei

Sensei Fumihiko Indei

Fumihiko Indei, Doctor of Shiatsu
Aisen Shiatsu Therapy was established on March 3, 1977 and is owned and operated by Sensei (teacher) Fumihiko Indei. He graduated in 1972 from Namikoshi Gakuen (Japan Shiatsu College) in Tokyo, Japan where he was an instructor of Shiatsu.

The college was established by Tokujiro Namikoshi, who, as a young boy, used his thumbs to apply pressure and relieve his mother’s pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. In the later years, Namikoshi Sensei refined his therapeutic technique and named it Shiatsu.

Namikoshi’s therapy uses the human hand and heart to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers to correct imbalances, restore flexibility to muscle tissue, and relieve pain. His guiding slogan was "The heart of Shiatsu is like a mother's love." Sensei Indei assisted Toru Namikoshi, the founder’s son and college president, to set up Shiatsu seminars in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Canada.

The Shiatsu therapy we now practice has been developed systematically through the adoption of scientifically proven theories of the instinctive manipulation by fingers as well as the refined clinical experiences of the therapy itself. (Naturally, there are many forms of manual manipulation therapy in the world.)
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Shiatsu Therapy Comes to Hawaii

In 1976, 35-year-old Fumihiko Indei, with no fluency in English, but with confidence and determination in his heart, arrived in Honolulu to bring Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy to Hawaii. It was an intimidating challenge, but Sensei Indei had the blessing of Tokujiro Namikoshi.

Various types of manual massage were already established in Hawaii, so Sensei Indei diligently worked to secure a foothold for the unknown Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy. Among his early efforts was conducting a non-credit Shiatsu therapy class at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Campus Center. Word quickly spread about the gentle therapy where clients did not have to disrobe and no oil was used. It became so popular that within a year, Sensei Indei opened his own establishment, Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc. to service his growing clientele.

Over the years, his clients have included politicians, business leaders, movie stars, educators, athletes, and homemakers. Still highly regarded in Japan, Sensei Indei is popular with Japanese tourists who seek relief from the aches and pains of traveling.

Just as Tokujiro Namikoshi did in Japan, Sensei Indei established his own school in Honolulu to train Shiatsu therapists. Established in 1977, Aisen Shiatsu School is licensed by the Hawaii Department of Education.
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Introducing Shiatsu to the community

Sensei Indei continues Namikoshi’s philosophy of supporting the local community. Since 1979, Aisen Shiatsu therapists have volunteered their skillful thumbs and fingers to help thousands of Honolulu Marathon runners recover from cramped muscles, exhausted legs, and inflamed feet. The 43rd Honolulu Marathon on December 13, 2015, marked the 37th straight year that Sensei Indei and his dedicated team of therapists worked nonstop to restore strength and energy to weary runners. Under a large tent, therapists treated runners stretched out on cots and straw mats. With each session limited to 15 minutes, the vast majority of runners requested Shiatsu treatment for their calves and feet. Hamstring and lower back treatments were also popular.

Sensei Indei also has a professional relationship with the University of Hawaii's John A. Burns School of Medicine. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, he was bestowed the title of Doctor of Shiatsu by the Japan Shiatsu Association and received an Award of Merit from the State of Hawaii and the City and County of Honolulu.

Sensei Fumihiko Indei treating participants with shiatsu at the Honolulu Marathon
Sensei Indei treating participants at the Honolulu Marathon

Aisen Shiatsu School

Sensei Indei established a school where you can learn the practices of Shiatsu Therapy. Learn how to help alleviate stress and pain.
The class is structured in a very hands-on approach where students are encouraged to practice on others and learn through physically applying lessons during class. We are taking an ancient Eastern therapy that uses the body’s own healing properties to correct the stress of everyday living.

Yearly an elective cadaver study class is taught at the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine. This course offers a hands-on dissection of the body.  

The Honolulu Marathon and Kuakini Health System welcome our students as well as our licensed therapists to volunteer their services.
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