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Train to be a professional shiatsu therapist at our school, located in Honolulu

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Shiatsu education

At our clinic, we have an in-house Department of education vocational school for shiatsu. Classes are offered in the Spring and Fall each year. Day time and night time hours are available. Class terms are ten weeks long. An apprenticeship program of 420 hours is available for students at the clinic, where they practice further on each other and licensed therapists to further deepen their understanding of shiatsu and learn business practices.

In addition to providing Shiatsu therapy, we also offer education in Shiatsu therapy classes. Learn how to use your hands and heart to help stimulate the body's self-healing powers in others.

Sensei Indei teaches the traditional Namikoshi Shiatsu that helps correct imbalances, alleviates pain and restores flexibility to the body.

Aisen Shiatsu School is happy to welcome international students to study the history and application of Shiatsu therapy. This school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. 

Come, learn with us. 

Our Program Coursework

The human anatomy and physiology course is 80 hours.
We provide detailed instruction about the human body’s
eleven body systems. They include muscles, skeletal, nerves, endocrine, respiratory, cardiac, digestive, urinary, reproductive, integumentary and elimination systems. The class also includes clinical note-taking, structural kinesiology and Eastern & Western theories.

Therapeutic muscle and nerve Shiatsu class is 120 hours.  We provide lessons and practice with muscle and nerve Shiatsu. Instruction includes training in practical applications for common problem areas and instruction on how to treat injuries. 

Chair Shiatsu class- This class is very hands-on, and students will be expected to practice on others and apply lessons learned during class time.  

Practical training (internship) is 420 hours.  Training consists of clinical operations, sanitation, office procedures, record keeping and supervised Shiatsu therapy. 

Call us today to learn more about our program and our customized seminars and instruction options. We are licensed by the Hawaii Department of Education. 

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Shiatsu school with Sensei Indei
Sensei Indei instructing Shiatsu students at our school

Class terms and tuition

We accept applications for our class terms in September and March for the following Fall and Spring, respectively.

It includes lab fees and books. Shiatsu internship of 420 hours is also included after the completion of the 200 hours.

Spring class begins on March 13. 2018
Fall class begins on September 11. 2017

To graduate, you must meet the following requirements:

90% attendance rate, including make-up classes

75% cumulative score in our anatomy and physiology course

Therapeutic muscle & nerve Shiatsu scores of 75% on the first practical examination

85% on the final practical examination
Application for 200 hr
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