Let Aisen Shiatsu Therapy relax you

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Shiatsu Therapy

The word shiatsu is comprised of the Japanese characters (shi) meaning finger, and (atsu) meaning pressure. Shiatsu is the application of finger pressure on specific points on the surface of the human body. The use of fingers and hand pressure is applied to eliminate fatigue and stimulate the body’s natural curative abilities. Shiatsu therapy conditions the body by promoting good circulation, correcting irregularities of the body and maintaining or improving ones health.

How can Shiatsu help you?

Our Honolulu-based Shiatsu experts at Aisen Chiryo Doin Inc. can help you navigate through major life changes, stressful periods, health issues and more. Muscle stiffness and stagnation of the blood are the primary causes of fatigue and body soreness. By diffusing fatigue-causing accumulations, Shiatsu pressure supports the restoration of flexibility to the muscle tissue and relieves pain-producing symptoms.

Shiatsu also invigorates the skin, stimulates the circulation of the body fluids, promotes suppleness in the muscular tissues, corrects faults in the skeletal system, promotes harmonious functioning of the nervous system, regulates the operation of the ductless endocrine glands and stimulates the normal functioning of the internal organs.

Shiatsu principles

We adhere to the three principles of Shiatsu when we provide our Shiatsu therapy services to our clients. These principles — patient comfort, patient support and patient education.  Our Shiatsu therapists are well-versed in the principles and are well-trained in executing them when our clients visit our office. Contact us today to learn how our friendly staff can help you improve your quality of life.
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